The value of ‘real’ friends on Facebook

Today I was in a dilemma regarding the content of my next book. The topic was rhino poaching, and should I or should I not tell the kids that the rhinos are killed by the poachers when they take their horns.

You see, I write for Middle Grades (target age 8-10), and I want to use my books to get messages out to the youngsters about what is really happening out there in the big wide world. I use my books as a tool to help parents and teachers identify bullying and to teach against it. I also cover in my books that we live in a beautifully multi-cultural world and that people from different parts of the world are, well different; that people amongst us do have disabilities and that is OK, and that it’s not cool to be cruel to them, or anyone for that matter. Other topics in the Polly’s Piralymp[ics Series include gender attitudes, especially of boys towards girls, littering, climate change and global warming, and what it is doing to the Inuits living on the ice masses near the North Pole (Polly’s Inuit Piralympics), animal trafficking, cheating and not listening to others (adults) who know better than us.

So, I would like to give a huge shout out to all the fast responses from my Facebook family on this topic, it was a real help and one that leaves me knowing how I will write what I want to say, without fear for parents complaining. Thank you.

baby animals escape

Look out for the 6th book in the series when Polly will be returning home to Africa to meet up with all her friends, and who knows she may even find her parents and siblings too.

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