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Books and Virtual Blogs

There were books everywhere!

Writers of every genre were represented and busy promoting and selling their books at the Jozi Books and Blogs Festival 2017 yesterday in Lenasia, Gauteng, South Africa.

but some of the blogs came in a different form to the usual that we read over the net, yes the ‘Virtual Blogs’ were everywhere, with people filming and blogging in video format all over the place. Below is the video Abdul Manack had with myself and of course Polly the main character in my books – The Polly’s Piralympic Series – (Paralympics for Pirates).

Lots of fun, though nerve caught up with me at the end :), :), 🙂



Oh wow, what a weekend – The Jozi Books and Blogs Festival 2017. Shoo, wow.

The build up was terrific with all the authors excited to bursting point. Many had been chosen to sit on discussion panels as well as sell their books, sign and meet their fans at the festival.

For me. Well, I sat on the Sports and Literature panel which was packed with a keen audience, eager to interact with the panel members. I shared the platform with:
JBBF2017 Sports and Literature panel

Dimple and Fatima, thank you, ladies, for making us all feel so at ease and Mr. Adam for keeping us on our toes with pertinent questions.

I thoroughly loved the interaction with my fellow panel members, and sincerely hope that through our writings and efforts we can support young athletes like Para-athlete Moegamat Nur Petersen, see their aspirations of 2020 come true.


Jozi Books and Blogs Festival 2017

WOW! I have just been asked to sit on the discussion panel for Literature and Sport at the Jozi Books and Blogs Festival. I am just blown away by the calibre of the other speakers – Commentator Aslam Khota, Author Yusuf Garda, Multisports editor Nazli Hamilton (Supersports), Ajit Gandabhay, Abdul Manack, and ME! I feel like the minnow, but am sure Polly and the Pirates won’t let me down.

We are discussing Sports and Literature with Bibi Fatima Ameen (Splash In), and Dimple Paima Patidar (Wits University).


So if you are in Johannesburg on the 30th July, come and watch the discussion. I’ll be around to chat afterwards, where I will also be selling my 3 books – How Polly Became A Pirate, Polly Ya Nae Can Fly and Polly’s Piralympics

10.45 – 12.00 Session 1 RED ROOM – LITERATURE AND SPORT




Indie Author’s Book Fayre

Michael  My pic for books

Had the most amazing meeting with Michael Howard yesterday to discuss the up and coming Indie Authors Book Fayre he will be hosting in Magaliesberg.

Michael will be chatting about it on the 20th May at our next Indie Authors Networking meeting (Skoobs Theatre of Books 2pm,) Also talking (about distribution will be Johan Olivier.)

I strongly recommend that the Indie’s support this event, as I think it could be the start of something very big indeed. A spring into the events we have been discussing at our IAN meetings.

Just to give you an idea of the event Michael ran last weekend, the takeup Michael had for it was 400 people through the gates, with some vendors selling out by 12pm.

It’s a good opportunity for newbies to cut their teeth, the cost of tables will be very reasonable, and because there are a lot of newbies, Michael has agreed to let us share a table. There will be light snacks and drinks available too.

So if you were in any doubt, now’s the time to take the plunge. If you’re still too nervous, why not come along on the day – bring family and friends and see what it is all about, then pop over the road for lunch at the Black Horse

Only a limited number of spaces available.


Eden Radio Interview

So today I had my interview with Eden Radio to discuss my new book Polly’s Piralympics. Ieden-radiot was great fun and Alison made me feel so at home. Thank you for the invite when Polly’s Eskimo Piralympics is completed, should be about the New Year. I hope you enjoy reading the book with Daniel.



Ok so I remember discussing that I was a little bit famous – appeared in Clamour magazine. Well now I’m a little bit more famous. I have a Radio interview on the 14th November with Radio Eden AM1368 at 12.30. I shall be talking about my book Polly’s Paralympics and its companion book, How Polly Became a Parrot.

bullying-posterThese are part of a series of books Polly’s Paralympics (Paralympics for Pirates.) They look at how it is not cool to cheat, what happens to Catseye and Rook when they are caught cheating by the other pirates? Why is it wrong to bully someone? There should be zero tolerance for teasing, picking on or bullying anywhere. Captain Hake has a zero tolerance for bullying on board his ship, hear how mad he gets when he finds Polly the parrot being bullied.

We all have challenges, it’s just that some are, well, more obvious than others one eye, one arm, no legs. Others are a bit harder to spot, a stutter, blindness, deafness. The last group is the hardest of all and the one we pretty well all fall in to – can’t dance, can’t sing, can’t spell, can’t ride a bicycle, can’t cook, can’t run 100m in under 10 seconds, can’t speak 10 languages. there are things we all cannot do, that make life hard. So you shouldn’t tease, pick on or bully other, or one day they might just find out your challenge and bully you too. Bullying isn’t cool.

Find out how much fun the pirates have in their own Paralympics for Pirates, as they compete in the climb the rigging gymnastics, walk the plank diving, 3 legged race and Masterchef competition plus more. Pirates like their readers can, no matter their individual challenge. To be a pirates is to succeed. Disability does not mean inability.

So listen out on the 14th, or better still order your copy of Polly’s Paralympics and its companion book, How Polly Became a Parrot by contacting me on