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Who is Red?

So with just a few days to go, the big question in Polly the Parrots world is WHO IS RED?

Find out in Polly the Parrot’s next book Polly’s Hogmanay Holiday, this weekend (out on Amazon). Who Red is and what happens to her. We also meet the Street kids who live under the bridges near the River Peatbog, but it’s snowing so what will happen to them over the Christmas and Hogmanay holiday time?


Watch Out for the Sweetie Man!

WATCH OUT FOR THE SWEETIE MAN – HE’S AT EVERY SCHOOL, WAITING FOR EVERY CHILD! teaser2aCan Polly the Parrot with help from Red to catch the SWEETIE MAN?

Find out this weekend as Polly’s Hogmanay Holiday (Beware of the Sweetie Man) launches as an ebook.

A must-read for teachers and parents to pupils to warn them of the dangers of drug pushers inside schools. Contains interactive pages for the learners to engage with.

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Going International

Wow, I can’t believe my book made it to the Algerian Book Fair – Thank You Claire-Rose for packing them last minute into your suitcase.

Yes, those are actually my books in the stands! Next time we must get them registered so we can take orders, but at least this time they were there and seen.

Someone, please pinch me ha, ha, ha.

#PollyfliestoTunisiaBookFair, #PollyatanInternationalBookFair

Don’t You Just Love This Kid?

I just love this little man. His mum sent me the pics of him reading my book. He is Kailash, just 11 years old and my BETA* reader and he is just brilliant. His parents read with him every day, and when he doesn’t understand a word they look it up with him, (rather than just give him the answer), so that he learns new words.

He takes his job very seriously.

Don’t you just love this kid? And do you know what? I get some of my best sub-plots from these special kids.

#PollysPiralympics, #HowPollyBecameAPirate, #Lovethiskid


*(For those unfamiliar with the term, that means he reads my book as it’s being written and passes back his comments on it.)

Pirate Cupcakes and Pirate Books – what a yummy combination

Can’t wait to see how the PIRATE CUPCAKES turn out.

They along with Polly the Parrot and her four books will be there for the Indies Book Fair in the Magaliesberg, at The Black Horse Restaurant and Micro Brewery on Sunday the 10th September. So, if you like the idea of books and beer for the adults and books and cupcakes for the kids, swing past and visit us.

Then the famous PIRATE CUPCAKES will be making another appearance with Polly the Parrot at the Children’s Book Fayre, 30th September, Profound Centre, 181 Corlett Drive, nr Melrose Arch. With 20 authors already booked, along with face painting and food, it’s a great way to choose books for your children. 10am-3pm. Entrance is FREE and we’d love to see you.

Delivering books over breakfast…

Well this happened actually yesterday, however, my internet was down so I am only able to post it today – good things though are worth waiting for.

So Yesterday I met with Michelle, we had met some months ago at the vet’s where I had heard a voice say,

“Jann? It is Jann isn’t it?”

Well, blow me over with a celery stick.

She had recognised me from an article written in the local newspaper and had friended me on Facebook, but what a coincidence we had actually met.

Yesterday we had arranged to have coffee, which turned out to be breakfast (thank you Michelle) and chat about books, life, and the universe, as you do.

Michelle also bought a set of my books – How Polly Became a Pirate, Polly Ya Nae Can Fly, Polly’s Piralympics and Polly’s Inuit Piralympics – and by the time I was home, (fuming over no internet), she had posted that her son’s Riley and Dylan were reading the books in the car – WAY TO GO MUM. The boys have a lengthy drive to school so what better way to pass the time than a quick read of Polly on the way back home.

Looking forward to getting their feedback on Goodreads – see you guys there. and see you for coffee next month.

PS. Michelle, don’t forget I need to see your pic of you in the mask too ha,ha,ha.