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Off to Another School – Tswane, Muslim School Here I Come

So, I’m looking forward to visiting Tswane Primary School on Thursday with Polly the Parrot, Toucane the Toucan and their friends. I shall be talking about bullying.

If you would like to buy any of my books I will have How Polly Became a Pirate, Polly Ya Nae Can Fly, Polly’s Piralympics, Polly’s Inuit Piralympics and Polly’s Hogmanay Holiday.

#PollysPiralympicSeriesposter for TMS 

Indie Authors

Indie Authors Support Local School Open Day

Indie authors gathered on Saturday 10th February at the Assumption Convent School in Germiston to celebrate their first School’s Reading Road Show

The Headmistress Mrs Debby Zambon was super keen to host the authors as part of their Open Day Celebrations to emphasize to parents the importance the school places on reading. In fact, Jann Weeratunga, author of the Polly’s PIralympics Books Series, says, “These girls devour books, they are copious readers and it was fantastic being able to share our books with them.”

The emphasis on the day was to show pupils present and future that authors are real people, approachable and you can talk to them, ask questions about their books and let them know what you think of their books.

Present on the day were:

Bhubesikazi Sibisi

Corne Groenewald

Christina Harman

Conny Oberrauter

Dolores Oldjohn

Fatuma Abdullah

Hinesh Vithal

Kim Hunter

Leandri Geldenhuys

Robbie Cheadle

Sabina Lehmacher

Soraya Hendricks

Tanya De Villiers and

Jann Weeratunga


The Schools Reading Road Show is available to any school in Gauteng. The authors present their books either through reading, plays or activities for the children and put life into books and reading for children.


Being able to read holds the key to a child’s future, enable them.


They can be contacted at

Why Do I Like to Read to Kids?

Why Do I Like to Read to Kids?

Well, I Suppose it’s because I love to watch their faces as the story progresses. I love to see them get involved with the storyline, I’ve even had parents come up to me after and tell me that they too love to listen – I suppose we all do.

I am fortunate, I get invites to many schools to read and talk to the kids. My books are centred around anti-bullying and being disabled as well as many other issues that I feel kids today are not sensitive enough about. But the kids just seem to love the stories and absorb the life lessons.

Last Saturday I was at Assumption Convent Primary School and the best part for me was when some (now grade 4’s) spotted me.

“Is Polly with you, can we see her?”

Polly is my puppet parrot companion and she and I had been into the school to kick-off How Polly Became a Pirate as the grade 3 set workbook last year. The welcome makes you go all warm and fuzzy.

Well not oOpen day girls with puppetsnly Polly was there but the rest of the flock too, Toucane the Toucan, Hettie the Hornbill, Mpho the Macaw and two as yet un-named birds a Cockatiel and a Pink Galah who had flown in all the way from Australia.

Here I am with some of the girls and my flock.



As the year gets under way so too do the venues and activities, I can’t wait for the 10th February when I will be taking part in the Schools Reading Road Show at the Assumption Convent School in Germiston. As one of only 15 authors I feel honoured to be part of this event and invited to the school on this special day which coincides with their Open Day.

So, bring the kids and come along to meet the authors, get your books signed and listen to their stories.

A5 book fayre

Polly the Book fairy

Polly the Book Fairy was out and about delivering her Polly’s Piralympics Series to Impala Crescent Primary School today.

I always love to accompany Polly to this school where Mr Adam the headmaster always makes time to see me, no matter when I pop in.

… And the welcome from the grade 3 class I visited today nearly took the roof off the classroom. They now have more books to read and Polly will no doubt be popping in to see how they are doing from time to time.

I love the sign that greets you as you enter the school grounds, and I just love this school’s dedication to trying to get all their learners to read and enjoy books.

so now on the library shelves #HowPollyBecameAPirate, #PollyYaNaeCanFly, #Polly’sPiralympics and #Polly’sInuitPiralympics

Yesterday was Polly’s day at Assumption Convent Primary School

Yesterday was Polly’s Day at Assumption Primary School. That’s right, Jann definitely took a back seat as Polly flew into Assumption Convent Primary School to launch How Polly Became a Pirate to the grade 3 learners. It is their setwork book for this term.

Prior to meeting with the pupils, Jann explained the elements within this book that could be used by the teachers in their life skills lessons – being scared (alone and away from her family); animal trafficking as Polly gets stolen from her nest and sent overseas; prejudices of others that influence us before we make up our own minds (Polly should be afraid of lions because her parents are); putting others before ourselves (Polly helps the other animals escape, even though she has to remain behind); being bullied by the horrible boys in the pet shop; having only one eye like Captain Hake, but it doesn’t stop them doing anything and they are accepted by the pirate crew.

After that, it was all just Polly.

“Is she real?”

“How does she talk?”

Were just some of the comments as she made her way around the class to greet each pupil. It never ceases to amaze me how they want her to be real, even though they clearly know she is just a puppet. Some wanted to pet her, whilst others were a bit wary, but she had promised to be good and not bite anyone, well, that was until one of the girls decided to put her finger in Polly’s mouth. She just couldn’t help it she said afterwards. Well, do you go around putting your finger in other peoples mouths she asked?

Then Polly sat in Jann’s Pirate Hat and dozed as Jann read the first chapter of her book to the girls. I just love watching their faces as I read, and then the comments afterwards… I JUST LOVE BEING AN AUTHOR!

A Special Gift Makes the Set.

Wisdom can only come from greater understanding,

Greater Understanding comes with learning,

Learning comes with reading and interacting with others. (JW)

So, for me, I was given a special gift yesterday by the mother who I had sold a set of books to the previous day when I visited Qurtuba Islamic Academy. I don’t know her name, but would like to thank her for this gift, and I was delighted that the Quran was in English so I can read it.

A few years ago I was given a copy of The Mirror of the Dhamma and of course, we have several copies of the Holy Bible in our home.

I feel very blessed to have all of these books in my home and hope that they help me to appreciate my life a little more. I have been fortunate to have lived in different countries with peoples of different faiths.

Thomas Dewar said in the 1930’s,

“A mind is like a parachute, it works best when open.”