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Polly Arrives In Port Elizabeth

After touring the Eastern Cape last April, I was lucky enough to be visiting Port Elizabeth and met up with the owner of Fogarty’s Book Shop.

And guess what?

My books are now available at Fogarty’s Book Shop in Walmer Mall. So if you are looking for middle-grade books for your youngsters for the Christmas Holiday’s, why not pop in and take a look at my Polly’s Piralympics Series. Loads of fun, interactive pages to draw on and get involved with Polly and the crew.

Or for younger readers there are my colouring-in story books the Toucane Series, teaching about not throwing down rubbish, how a friend is a friend no matter their colour and stranger danger. 4-8 years.

1000 BOOKS!

YES, 1000 BOOKS! I had to go back and count twice but yes I have sold 1000 books in South Africa. Michelle Richarson, your generous donation to 1st Ed School included my 1000th book and a gift will be coming to you soon.

The Polly’s Piralympics Series seems to have been a hit in both classrooms as well as at home, with parents seeing me at events and commenting:

“Oh, she’s reading your book for the second time,” and “When I asked him what he wanted to read next, he replied ‘Can’t we read Polly again dad.'”

I love it, I love the fact that Polly and her band of Paralympic Pirates are changing children’s lives. If you or your school would like to order please contact me on +27 722 477 101

Polly’s Piralympics Series – addressing bullying, disabilities, litter, rhino poaching and at the same time having a whole heap of fun. pirates, doubloons, treasure maps, paralympic games – walk the plank diving, climb the rigging gymnastics, fencing, Pirate Masterchef competition, Patch the dog, Roger the Rat, Sled races, Snowman and Igloo building competitions this and so much more.

Each book has a reflective/comprehension page at the end of each chapter where the learners can interact with Polly telling her who the class bully is, or drawing their favourite pirate. This is a fun series of books that kids are loving, 1000 purchasers can’t be wrong.

Also for sale in Skoobs Theatre of Books – Monte Casino, Fourways and Exclusive Books in Mall of the South. Ask them for a copy today.

Going International

Wow, I can’t believe my book made it to the Algerian Book Fair – Thank You Claire-Rose for packing them last minute into your suitcase.

Yes, those are actually my books in the stands! Next time we must get them registered so we can take orders, but at least this time they were there and seen.

Someone, please pinch me ha, ha, ha.

#PollyfliestoTunisiaBookFair, #PollyatanInternationalBookFair

Turn Away and Look Back

Turn Away and Look Back… and voila you’re up to 23 reviews on Goodreads. 🙂 🙂 🙂

23 Goodreads reviews

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to not only read my books but also to review them too. I know from a few of you that you read them with your kids and guess the reviews are actually from them.

I am super HAPPY with how my books have been received to date and can’t wait to also get the feedback from the schools who are using it as their setwork books. Well done to Assumption Convent Primary School for being so fast off the mark and going with it this year. I had a brilliant day with your grade 3’s and am super excited to hear how it went in the classroom.

If your school would like Polly and myself to visit and chat to your kids about bullying, being different, anti-drugs or a host of other topics just let me know at

More surprises for Women’s Day

And yes, there were more surprises in store for me for Women’s Day here in South Africa. As I opened the local paper the Comaro Chronicle there on the inside page was an article about me.

“You’re famous.” My friend laughed as she read the article. It related to the Jozi Books and Blogs Festival that I had taken part in last week.

Well, I don’t think I’m famous just yet, but I am working on it ha, ha, ha. What a brilliant Women’s Day I have had.Comaro Chronicle Aug 2017