Can you help make a young man’s dreams come true? As many of you may know I write kids books about Pirates that hold their own Paralympic Games. Well, a few months ago I met a young friend on Facebook Moegamat Nur Petersen. He is a 19-year-old blind Para-athlete. He told me his story, of how … More DREAMS DASHED

Wheelchair Tennis!

I was watching the Men’s Final at Wimbledon today – Congratulations Roger Federer on your 8th Wimbledon Title by the way. But what intrigued me was they went over to the Boys Final and the Wheelchair Event . Oh, my goodness, talk about athleticism and skill, I could hardly believe my eyes. These guys not only … More Wheelchair Tennis!

Polly’s Board Game

Polly has just completed the design of her first board game. It will accompany Polly into schools to reinforce her lessons to the young readers. Climb the Rigging and Walk the Plank is a simple game where players throw a dice and follow steps on a board that allows the player to advance or retreat through … More Polly’s Board Game

Audio Books – More than 2 Billion hours sold last year!

Oh my goodness, the stats were scary. How can One afford not to get into this market?                But I get ahead of myself. Firstly a huge call out and thank you to Gregg Davies for his interesting and informative talk on Friday evening – wow, mind blowing. Gregg is a … More Audio Books – More than 2 Billion hours sold last year!


Jozi Books and Blogs Festival 2017 WOW! I have just been asked to sit on the discussion panel for Literature and Sport at the Jozi Books and Blogs Festival. I am just blown away by the calibre of the other speakers – Commentator Aslam Khota, Author Yusuf Garda, Multisports editor Nazli Hamilton (Supersports), Ajit Gandabhay, … More #jozisbbf2017