Polly drying off


OK, so Polly is drying off ready for her debut appearance tomorrow.

Skull Island appears on the back Treasure waiting to be found! The wonderful treasure of words, that bond us. Stories of friendship, pirates, Paralympics, how it isn’t cool to cheat, and why bullies have ZERO tolerance aboard Captain Hake’s Ship.

So if you have a little one, join me tomorrow at 11am, and again at 12pm, as I read from my book, Polly’s Piralympics series at SkOObs Book Store in Monte Casino, Gauteng, South Africa.

Look forward to seeing you all there me hearties.

Welcome aboard Cally, Aarrgh


Cally’s mum sent in a pic of him with Polly’s Piralympics. Let’s hope it is as good as Star Wars!

So Cally is the latest crew mate to join Polly on the Thistle with Captain Hake.

“Welcome on board lad, yas will be startin’ duties in tha crows nest. So look sharp an’ climb tha riggin’ me lad. An’ be keepin’ a sharp lookout for treasure ships.”


Christmas is the time for MY little children

img-20161224-00969As Christmas Day draws near the feeling of Christmas Spirit in our home has been awakened. Our tree has been up for 3 weeks now and ever since the first boxes started to appear our pups have been hyper excited. So even though it is holiday time they are still waking me up at 5am every morning, (just watch, when it’s time to go back to work, love nor money would drag these dogs out of bed at that time in the morning.) no rest for the wicked eh?

This is one of my children, Jessie, checking out the her Christmas stocking and those of her two brothers. She is just so excited, she checks her stocking every few hours, and then sits by the staircase watching them, ha,ha,ha.

My big brown boy has had his head under the tree smelling out the presents. And the new cushions bought today have already been ‘stolen’ and dragged around the garden – because we are too busy to play with them, as we finish painting and making cushion covers ready for guests.

I can’t wait until tomorrow. It is such a wonderful time with MY children, they give unconditional love – barring a few treats and toys from time to time, and are always there to lick away my tears. They make my life feel complete. So tomorrow morning will be their time as balls and squeaky toys get thrown and played with, and chew get metered out over the next week or so.

So to all with furry children, enjoy this special time with them, they may on;y be a dog for many, but they are our children.


Adri Sinclair, my fairy godmother/angel

Yesterday I woke from an 18 hour almost comatose state of sleep as I tried to brush off the flu. (Today I have St Benedict’s Prep to talk to.) I was flicking through Facebook when I came across this post…


I was already too late for the 4 hr deadline, but thought, nothing ventured – nothing gained.

WELL, to my amazement Adri replied, she is a South African living in the UK, what were the chances of that? Not only that but she actually replied to my request. and this was the amazing result.


Sometimes in life we are just so lucky to come across and angel/fairy godmother and yesterday was my day.

Adri Sinclair doesn’t know me from Adam, but offered to produce a book cover free for me and I think it is soooo cool. AND I AM SOOO LUCKY.

Self publishing is a long and somewhat arduous journey, and when one is fortunate to have wonderful people around you (Adri, Debs, Tonia) it, well it just makes that journey so much easier and more doable. thank you all for being in my life and walking with me along this path.

Adri’s info is: http://www.author.cafe/      Where Books recommend Readers

I think today I must be the luckiest author on the planet, here’s to what adventure tomorrow brings



Bennies Prep tomorrow

So tomorrow will be the first time I am visiting St Benedict’s Prep (previously I have been at the Junior Prep). I will be chatting to the boys about elements in my book.

The grade 4’s know me from when they were in Junior Prep and we shall continue to learning process of being an Author, how we write and how we are all different.

Being different IS OK. We are all different in our own ways, tall, short, fat, thin, big ears, small ears, good at writing, bad at writing, good at science, bad at science, good at drawing, bad at drawing, good at maths, bad at maths. That is why we all do different jobs, because we have different strengths. Mine is I am (I think) good at writing children’s books, others are they are good at other things and become engineers, scientists, chefs, doctors, telesales people, receptionists, refuge collectors. we all have a place in this world, and that place is OK.

The grade 5’s will be seeing me for the first time and my talk will centre more around how we all have challenges and how we shouldn’t bully/tease others about their challenge, as they or others may just bully/tease us about ours too. Also how we can stand up to a bully – strength in numbers, and how friends can help. How we should show ZERO tolerance to bullies in out schools, clubs at home or where we play.

So wish me luck.

Wow 2nd read, he must have liked it.


OK so Thomas’ mum ordered some more books and here is Thomas (First Mate Tom) re-reading Polly’s Piralympics.

Wow I consider that the best review I have ever received. He enjoyed it so much that her is re- reading it.

It only took him 2 days to read it the first time, so I hope he enjoys this time just as much. You go First Mate Tom!

Beat the Bully

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