Countdown to Craigland’s Primary

So another week, another school. This time I’m off to Craigland Primary School, in Craighall, Johannesburg. I am over the moon at being able to go to this school, where the headmistress Ms Irmela Turner has been so warm and inviting.

I will be chatting about the series of books I have written and how they deal with issues around bullying, cheating and where the main characters (including Polly the parrot) all have challenges/disabilities. I think my book is unique in this respect as there is nothing else out there in the market that covers this so extensively as a story book.

So kids and parents get ready I will be with you on Thursday, (Oh and by the way teachers, my sessions are rarely quiet as I believe that interaction and participation are the best ways to lean.) So it’s gonna be noisy, and fun (with a sprinkling of learning in there too.)





Free Children’s Book (pdf) for Christmas

Ok so then there is no-one out there who wants a free book for a child this Christmas then? I have had barely a trickle of enquiries from How Polly Became a Parrot which I am giving away free (pdf format) to anyone with a child who wants to read it. That’s right it’s FREE.

So if you know of a child who might like to receive this book, please let me know via my web page, Facebook page or and I will happily mail it out to them.


Nervous yet excited all at the same time?

Ok SO have you ever experienced being nervous and excited all at the same time? Well that was exactly how I was feeling last night. I received an email from Sian who is an independent (unpaid) book reviewer, to say she would be putting up her review in the next few hours. Now when you ask for your book to be reviewed it can go either way, you always hope for a positive review, but…

So I was on tender hooks as I waited. I have had reviews on Amazon, but these have been friends of friends who bought the book, so I sort of feel they are a bit biased because they know who I am. So when it is a completely unknown person, well that starts to get scary.

I must have checked 10 times. Then suddenly the review was up. my hand hovered over the open button and I suddenly found myself becoming very emotional. this was a real person who was going to tell me what they thought of 4 years of my life – yes that is how long it took for this dream to come to fruition.

With my best friend at my side encouraging me I hit the open button. There in Goodreads for all the world to see was my review. I started to read, the first bit was just a repeat of my description of Polly’s Piralympics, then:


Well, emotions got the better of me. Here in black a white was confirmation that not only had the reviewer liked it, but the kids too. And they are by far the best and harshest critics of any children’s book on the market.

As I finished reading, the lump in my throat was now the size of an orange and tears were tripping down my cheeks. I glanced over at my friend, whose eyes were also red and full of tears. THEY HAD LIKED IT – RELIEF.

To Sian from The Blithering Bibliomaniacs, you made one author very, very happy yesterday. And I would like to say again THANK YOU FOR TAKING THE TIME NOT ONLY TO READ MY BOOK, BUT TO REVIEW IT TOO.


Eden Radio Interview

So today I had my interview with Eden Radio to discuss my new book Polly’s Piralympics. Ieden-radiot was great fun and Alison made me feel so at home. Thank you for the invite when Polly’s Eskimo Piralympics is completed, should be about the New Year. I hope you enjoy reading the book with Daniel.


Super Excited Today.

me-picToday I have my 1st radio interview, so I am super excited. My book will be launched in the New Year at Skoobs book store (Monte Casino.) But today I will be chatting on air – chatting on air, I’m floating on air at the moment. Tune in at 12.30 today to Radio Eden 1368 (They also have an app and are now streaming online if you can’t get to a radio) And for those of you not sure I am in South Africa so we are +2hrs on GMT

It has taken 4 years to get to this point, at lot of doubt and even more encouragement from those around me, who never lost faith in my book and the messages held within its pages. To the point that one book has grown into a series and today the cat is our of the bag and Polly will fly across the airwaves.

What are my books Polly’s Piralympics, How Polly Became a Pirate and Polly Ya Nay Can Fly about. Simple the are about Polly the parrot and her adventures. How she is found by Captain Hake and become the ship’s pirate parrot, how she helps her friends, how she comes up with ideas – the Pirates Paralympics.

During the stories, Polly the parrot gets bullied. It show what happens when a friend stands up for a bullied victim, and how it isn’t cool to cheat or bully others. We all have challenges, some obvious – one eye, one arm, no legs; some less obvious – being deaf, blind of having a stutter; and some harder to detect – can’t sing, can’t dance, can’t spell, can’t count, can’t ride a bicycle, can’t cook, can’t play a musical instrument, can’t run 100m in under 10 seconds. We shouldn’t pick on/tease or bully others, or someone else may also bully us too.

How when we have challenges in our lives it is about what WE CAN do rather than what WE CAN’T do. The Piralympics Games show that even with physical challenges/disabilities the pirates CAN compete and can do.

A Masterchef competition is thrown in just for fun, and to remind us of good manners.

So remember tune into Radio Eden 1368 (South Africa) or get the app. Or download the podcast.


Beat the Bully

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