How Polly Became a Pirate

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polly-can-she-flyPolly the baby parrot is the smallest egg of the batch. When she hatches she has only one eye, but that makes no difference as her parrot parents love her dearly. Polly lives in a nest in the jungle with her parents. One day they go off to forage for food when something terrible happens. A two legged destroyer peers into the nest…

What will happen to Polly the baby parrot? How does she become a Pirate parrot?

This book is 1/2 parts of the prologue to Polly’s Piralympics.

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A visit to Bennies to deliver a new book for their library


I had the pleasure of meeting with Mrs Mackinnon, head of St Benedict’s Junior Prep yesterday to deliver a copy of Polly’s Piralympics for their library.

As we entered the library I was greeted by a wonderful bunch of Bennies boys. The grade three’s were asked by Mrs Mackinnon, who wanted to read the new book first.

I was overwhelmed as every hand shot up. In fact one of the boys was even reading a previous book I had given to the school and was keen to show me The Magic  Vuvuzela.

It is always so rewarding to visit St Benedict’s, the boys love to read and use the library every week, where they swap their books regularly. Their enthusiasm for reading and writing their own books is a credit to the encouragement they receive from a vibrant atmosphere of good solid learning and values, from passionate teachers.

I can’t wait to visit again, hopefully in the New Year when Polly’s Eskimo Piralympics will be completed and another of Polly’s adventures with the pirates will fly into their library.


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The first 100. Delivering the first copy of Polly’s Piralympics to St Benedict’s Junior Prep this morning.

Oh yes, so the moment finally arrived. I collected the first 100 books from Leith my broker yesterday. Feels strange actually having them in my hands. WOW and that special ‘New book smell.’ love it, love it, love it.

So I am off to St Benedict’s Junior Prep, in Bedfordview Johannesburg this morning to deliver the first book to their library. I have a special affinity with Bennies as I have visited there before and given talks to the boys on ‘Being an Author.’

St Benedict’s gives wonderful encouragement to it’s pupils to write, be creative and use their imaginations, so it seems fitting that they should receive this copy first of Polly’s Piralympics. They still believe in good old fashioned reading and have an extensive library that the boys regularly use. I hope they will enjoy my donation adding one more book for growing minds to read and enjoy.

Polly’s Piralympics – Polly the parrot comes up with the idea of sharing their last bounty of prosthetic arms, blades and racing wheelchairs. Polly’s captain, Captain Hake then challenges the other pirates to a Piralympic Games, (Paralympics for Pirates.

With 18thcentury galleons, swords, walking the plank, gold doubloons, 21st century technology, sonar, Wi-Fi, mobile phones, prosthetic limbs, blades and racing wheelchairs, put it all together and you have the Pirate Piralympic Games.

Read how the multicultural fleet of pirates, vuvuzela playing Zulus; kilted, bagpipe playing Scots; cowboy guitar playing Americans; tattooed Maoris; yellow turbaned Indian and Abba singing Viking pirates, all compete for Captain Kingklip’s locker of GOLD doubloons.

The Games include a 3 legged race, walk the plank diving competition, catapult shooting, climb the rigging gymnastics, fencing, and a Pirate Masterchef competition, plus many more. Through these the pirates learn comradeship, what happens to cheats and why bullying isn’t cool.

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Countdown to getting my books

I am super excited. the count down to receiving my first order of books is ticking.

I can’t believe that it is all coming together finally. with the launch at Skoobs set for the 28th January 2017, and a number of schools lined up to visit, I just can’t wait.

In the meantime I have written the intro to who and where Polly comes from available as a pdf file FREE to anyone who sends their email address with the reference:How Polly became a pirate.

The journey is nearly there

Meeting Stacey Fru

I had the pleasure of meeting the youngest author in print that I know last evening, Ms Stacey Fru aged 9 years old. Yes you did read correctly, she is 9 years old and was launching her second book Bob and the Snake.

(Stacey Fru is pictured here with the Young Miss World 2016 aged 11 yrs)stacey-fru

Brimming with self confidence this young lady is a brilliant roll model to all children worldwide.

She is articulate, funny, confident, patient and what’s more  encouraging to all other young people .

I wish her all the success with her writing career and look forward to following the life path of this young lady, as she obviously has very far to go.

Good luck with your next book Stacey and keep on writing young lady.


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I’m famous, ha,ha,ha

I had a message from Crew mate Belle’s Granny O last night and called her this morning.

Crew mate Belle and her mum had come to visit and they had decided to play Scrabble. Crew mate Belle remember is 6 years old, so playing against two adults is no mean feat.

Apparently crew mate Belle is very competitive.

“She suddenly became very excited when she realised she had the letters that spelt out your first name. So down they went on the Scrabble board. I was very impressed.” Gran O told me with more than a little pride in her voice.

I had met crew mate Belle for an impromptu one on one story reading a week ago, we had sat with feet in the pool and surrounded by my dogs; a brown Labrador, caramel Spaniel and liquorish all sort Husky/Collie cross. Story reading African style. After she had gone home Crew Mate Belle had apparently told her mum.

“…and I met the author, do you know what an author is mum?”

So there it is. I’m sorry crew mate Look but I think crew mate Belle has just piped you to the post as my #1 fan.

Yay I’m famous, I appeared on a Scrabble board!


For you FREE copy of HOW POLLY BECAME A PIRATE contact me

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So excited! Polly’s Piralympics finally flies into my hands.

So today was a very special day for me.

The Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, and Mother Christmas all turned up in the shape of Leith as she handed me the proof copy for my book Polly’s Piralympics.

I was soooo excited I had found myself glued to the spot and turning circles I couldn’t decide what to do first when she called to say it was ready and she would meet me in an hour.

An hour later there it was, all shiny and still in its cellophane wrapper. I eagerly opened it and flicked the pages breathing in that ‘new book’ scent. It was finally here.

4 years to this point, the writing has been the easiest part. Now the hard work really starts. For an Indie Author, it doesn’t matter how good you book is or isn’t, you have to get it out there and get it read and that’s where my Fairy Godmother comes in. Deborah Du Plooy has agreed to launch my book at Skoobs, notably the Dillons book store of South Africa, it is located in Monte Casino. Johannesburg.

It is a wish come true for any new writer. Deborah makes a point of promoting Indie Authors and is coming up on their 100th launch. I feel graced and privileged to join fellow authors that have preceded me and cant wait until January 28th 2017 at 10.30am.

Theme of the day Arrrrr Pirates!

Polly the parrot will be making a guest appearance, along with real live pirates who will fight it out for the treasure. So if you are in the area, bring, borrow or steal a child for the day and join us for all the fun.


For you FREE copy of HOW POLLY BECAME A PIRATE contact me

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