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Feel honoured that Johnny Issaluk will be guiding me with my book Polly’s Eskimo Paralympics

Having written my second book around the Traditional Arctic Games I wanted to make sure that all the reference I have made to the Inuit/Eskimo names and culture are correct before I go to press.

I was fortunate enough to contact Johnny Issaluk and ask him for help and he agreed. I feel very honoured as Johnny is an accomplished author hijohnny-issalukmself (Games of Survival.) he is also an actor and athlete.

He is a participant of the Arctic Games – Traditional Inuit Games. this picture demonstrates the one leg high kick, an event that my pirates participate in in Polly’s Eskimo Paralympics.

Johnny Issaluk | Sedna Epic Expedition

Johnny was a member of the 2012 Arctic Jubilee Expedition that successfully climbed the highest point of the Queen Elizabeth Islands, Nunavut, and sent a video greeting to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II—sponsored by the Royal Canadian Geographical Society, the expedition was followed by schools in the UK and Canada, enabling approximately 17,400 students to learn about Inuit culture and this remote part of the Commonwealth and the Canadian High Arctic.

So you can imagine how chuffed I was when he agreed to read through Polly’s Eskimo Paralympics. It may only be a children’s book, but I want it to be right and I want to highlight other cultures through my writings correctly.

I am so looking forward to working with Johnny and feel very honoured. Thanking you in advance Johnny THANK YOU.


Polly’s Eskimo Piralympics is finished!

Had the most amazing literary weekend ever.

Met up with some incredibly talented authors at Skoobs on Friday evening for our first Indie Indaba (the first on many to come.) and was so completely inspired that it kicked my b*tt straight on to my computer over the weekend.

Finished the second book (Polly’s Eskimo Piralympics) in the series Polly’s Piralympics. WOW what a rush. And with the launch of my first book Polly’s Piralympics in only 2 weeks, well I feel like I’m floating on cloud nine today.book-cover-for-www

Also planned out in detail my books 3 and 4 in the series.

All that and even found time to go to a braai with friends on Sunday.

Plus today my reader confirmed for the book launch of Polly’s Piralympics on January 28th 11am at Skoobs Monte Casino – thank you Colin Jackson, I fell in love with your reading voice the very first time I heard you and asked if you would read at my book launch – all very much a dream at the time – and you said you would. You are truly a gentleman, and I am so excited that you will be at the end of this long journey with me. THANK YOU SO MUCH I CAN’T WAIT.

Just need friends who promised to be there as pirates on the day to confirm and then I’ll be all set YAY. 2 WEEKS AND COUNTING.


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The Story is always still in the book (girls like pirates too)

Crew Mate Belle’s grandma contacted me on her progress with Polly’s Piralympics. Previously she had been reading Polly’s Piralympics on Crew Mate Belle’s weekly visits to stay with her. Belle had even started reading some of the words herself.

“She read nothing this week.”

“Oh.” I was puzzled.

But soon found out why. There had been a concert at school that Crew Mate Belle had taken part in. It had finished, after 8pm, which is pretty late for a six year old who still has to get home etc., etc..

“So I gave her the choice, as the play finished late, she could either come home with me as she usually does on a Wednesday, or go home (Which was in fact closer.)”

But what about my book? Your house.”

“Well unfortunately the drive was just too much after such a long day and she fell asleep in the car, was carried into bed and that was that.”

Never mind little Belle, that is the most amazing thing about books. They can wait. They are always there tomorrow, bulging with their characters and story line. And I am sure that Polly the parrot will be there puffing up her chest and spraying out her feathers when she sees you open the pages of Polly’s Piralympics next.

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Girls like pirates too

Bedtime stories at grandma’s house somewhere in Johannesburg.

Crew mate Belle gets to stay with grandma O once a week, both look forwards to this special time. Apparently her first question when she arrives at her house is,

“Where’s my book please?”

Polly the parrot’s adventures with the pirates have been waiting a whole week! And yes girls like pirate stories too. So after supper and a shower they settle down to read Polly’s Piralympics. Crew mate Belle is six and learning to read so grandma O has to help her out with the hard words, but they finish each evening with a bedtime story until crew mate Belle finally can fight off sleep no longer.

Grandma O told the author that she has been forbidden to read on and must wait for ‘their time together,’ to read the story. So until next week Polly and her pirate friends have to stay tucked up tight in her book, until Polly comes to life once more.

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