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Polly’s Rainy Day Piralympics

Polly’s Rainy Day Piralympics.

So, Polly and the pirates have arrived in Ireland, where the green of the grass is like nowhere else on earth. And why, well because of the rain, of course! But that doesn’t stop them from having their next Piralympic adventure.

Join Polly, meet Nessie the Loch Ness monster, a new crew – sailing an unusual vessel, as well as all the old favourites in Polly’s Rainy-Day Piralympics

Pipers piping…A little bit of Scotland for Captain Hake and Polly the parrot.

I was so fortunate to have Dominic from St Benedict’s College, come and play the bagpipes for the launch of Polly’s Piralympics. I am sure it made Polly and Captain Hake feel quite at home to have a little bit of Scotland on South African soil.

And he was brilliant!

Then there was the pirate fancy dress – Polly sure was busy on Saturday

During the launch of Polly’s Paralympics, there was plenty to occupy the kids, with readings, a pirate fancy dress, treasure hunt and taking Polly home.

In the end they were all so good, that no-one went home without a prize

This was followed by the treasure hunt, and again there were Doubloons aplenty.

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