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South African Children’s Book Fair

Yes I was there, at the South African Children’s Book Fair last weekend and look who came to visit: Arthie Moore, Jan Roberts and Frayne Mathijs. Plus I met a very special Gogo (grandmother), Jabulile who runs a reading club for children in Johannesburg Central – Dobsonville and the CNA characters.

South African Children’s Book Fair

The South African Children’s Book Fair.

I can’t believe I will be presenting a workshop – The Bully is not Your Friend – at this event in only my second year as an author. I even have the passes to prove it, ha,ha,ha.

So if you are passing the Dome this weekend, come along and support us, I will be there with fellow authors Evadeen Brickwood, Robbie Cheadle and Soraya Hendricks, plus of course our behind the scenes lady Kim Hunter.

THE BULLY IS NOT YOUR FRIEND – Too many young people are bullied every day, but there are some things they can do to make themselves less of a target for the bully. I will be talking as detailed below:

8th June  – 9am – Seminar Room 1 and again at Ipm Seminar Room 2

9th June – 1pm – Seminar Room 1 and 3pm Nomvuyo Vuvu Biyana Workshop Area 2

So looking forward to seeing you there


Road trip? Did anyone say Road trip?

Yes, I along with Cora Groenwald and Evadeen Brickwood will be in the Eastern Cape from the 18-21st June visiting all manner of schools in East London, King Williamstown, Grahamstown and Port Elizabeth with our Schools Reading Road Show. SRRS.


Look out for us and give us a wave if you see us in your town or on the road.

We will be going into schools to deliver sponsored books (if you would like to sponsor 50 books for a school please contact me +27 722 477 101) we will also be reading to the children and doing short workshops with them to encourage them to read. 74% of grade 4’s in South Africa cannot read in their mother tongue! (PIRL Report Dec 2017) we have had a huge success with this in schools and find it raises the enthusiasm of the children when they actually get to meet the author of a book.

Children’s authors in the Eastern Cape if you would like to join us please contact me.

Polly visited 1st Ed School in South Johannesburg

So, Polly was back after a bit of a break overseas, and she visited 1st Ed School in South Johannesburg and oh what a reception she received. Although Polly normally talks to younger pupils (Gr2-5) at 1st Ed she spoke to the whole school (including grade 9’s – yep grade 9’s!)

The kids were responsive to the talk on bullying and in particular cyberbullying and how pupils can combat it. Many of the pupils here had transferred from other schools where they had been bullied and so were able to relate first hand to the talk.

Pupils got involved with the role play with Polly, Toucane and the rest of the flock and even some of the teachers joined in – Oscars for teachers will be presented at a later date.

Thank you to Vanessa Jorge for having me at your school and to Michelle Richardson for linking me to such a progressive school. I can’t wait to visit the sister school and meet with their learners too.


That was the week that was… part 2

That was the week that was… part 2

Thursday morning saw me at Noodwyk Primary School in the Midrand area  (by the way that’s at the opposite end of Johannesburg to where I live) at 7AM AGAIN! What is it with 7am people ha, ha, ha.

The school is a prefab school – not a brick in sight, though they hope that will change someday. The library was of particular interest to me and I will be supporting this library soon – so hears where you come in if you can donate any children’s books suitable for 4-12-year-olds please let me know, or better still if you are in the Noodwyk, Midrand area please drop them off with the headmistress Lynette Eloff, who I know would be delighted to receive them. This is a mixed school so boys or girls books are appreciated.

I had so much fun here with Madelaine Hicklin the DA Ward Councillor who had invited me to the school. Though I think the teachers had as much fun as I and the kids did judging by the pics.

We were there to talk about BULLYING. Maddy from a personal perspective and me with Polly and how she gets bullied in the Pet Shop and on board Captain Hake’s ship. PEEPS, IT’S ABOUT WHAT WE DO TO TRY TO STOP THE BULLIES THAT COUNTS, PRETENDING THEY DON’T EXIST IN OUR SCHOOLS IS NOT THE SOLUTION.

#saynotobullying, #PollysPiralympicsSeries, #bulliesmustfall

We seek her here, we seek her there, Those Frenchies seek her everywhere. *

We seek her here, we seek her there, Those Frenchies seek her everywhere. * an adaptation from the Scarlet Pimpernel.


My calendar is filling up so much at the moment that I feel a bit like Wally from the Where’s Wally books which I used to buy for my sister but secretly did the puzzles myself. (Searching an amazingly busy picture to find the character Wally, needless to say, I spent hours at it and my baby sister could find him much faster.)

Well, tomorrow I shall be at the Leeuwkop Golf Club in Sandton, selling books to raise funds for the Schools Reading Road Show (SRRS) an initiative I started late last year and which seems to be catching on.

I take fellow Indie Authors into schools with me. There we read our books to the children and give them short talks based on the morals and life lessons contained in them. When we visit underfunded schools try to leave books behind for their libraries, which usually contain old out of date books that the learners find uninteresting. To achieve this we raise money through a levy charged at events like this golf day which then allows us to purchase the books from the authors and leave them with the schools. We also need sponsorships for books. eg. R5000 will buy 50+ books for an underfunded school.

So, if you are in the area or playing golf tomorrow, please support us by buying a book, or making a donation.

#SRRS, #PollysPiralympics

Tshwane Muslim School – The SRRS Visits another school

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The SRRS visited yet another school. Here we read and interacted with the learners who were all dressed for the occasion. It was so much fun and very rewarding

Had a fantastic day at the Tshwane Muslim School and am really looking forward to connecting with this school over the course of this year.

Thank you for hosting us.

Another Schools Reading Road Show day.

#Polly’s Piralympics, # SchoolsReadingRoadShow #SRRS